Wednesday, June 10, 2015

National Flip Flop Day

YAY !! It's summer!  Woo hoo!  Last year one of my end of the year art lessons was the Elements of Art flip flops and my students really enjoyed it!  As I mentioned earlier we also made flip flops again this year but I tied it into a really cool event that Tropical Smoothie came up with called National Flip Flop day, which is June 19th this year.  So basically- all you have to do is wear your flippy floppies to your closest Tropical Smoothie and you get- A FREE SMOOTHIE and you can make a charitable donation of 5 bucks to a great cause called Camp Sunshine!   Now I do recommend going EARLY because the tropical smoothie near my house had a line out the door when I went last year...Just an FYI!  Have Fun!

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