Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Art room is finally finished!

I am fairly sure I was the last teacher at my school to finish cleaning and organizing their room for the summer. The teacher's last day was Friday but it has taken me until this afternoon to finally finish. My storage room was in desperate need of purging. And I am just not good at organizing.  I am so bad that I really want to read one of those  organization books like the magic of tidying up over the summer.
I think organization  needs to be something you are taught at an early age...and honestly I think my parents preferred to just clean up our messes themselves rather than having us make more of a mess.
Well after two long EXTRA days of cleaning, tossing, organizing and agonizing -here is a panoramic picture of my mostly completed room.
I say MOSTLY because I still feel like I need to work on my storage room but our maintenance manager  had to literally kick all teachers out after today.  I did manage to get rid of ALot of magazines I did not use last year, styrofoam trays, plastic cups, and a TON of wallpaper (I still have literally 3 boxes full of the stuff!).   I basically tossed or purged things I didn't use at all last year.  I also got rid of a lot of cardboard that I hadn't used.

But even with all that ...I still feel like there's more to do and on top of that- I want a SYSTEM that will help me keep up the organization throughout the year so I am not dealing with a gargantuan mess at the end of the year. which gives me the sinking feeling that I will have to deal with it during prep landing which is a stressful time already.   I also brought a lot of bins of things I thought I would use for summer camp and over the summer for my own basically I better make some cool art this summer or all that moving stuff to my house will be a waste of time. (Yes- I am playing mind tricks with myself to keep me motivated ;))

I also talked to my vice principal about setting up some times for some training sessions I would like to facilitate next year. I am our school's webmaster so I need to hold a training for Wordpress which is the platform we use in my district for official teacher web pages.   Here is my school site in case you are interested- it has some great links on my "Links to My favorite web resources' page.  My School Web Page
I will also be holding a training on the PBS digital media resources that goes along with my shiny title- PBS digital innovator 2015 that I was awarded with back in April..

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