Monday, June 1, 2015

Art Criticism made easy with Artsonia!

I have absolutely fallen in love with Artsonia this year.  I first began using years and years ago for lesson plans and ideas for  art projects.  This year is the first year that I started my own school museum and began uploading student artwork as they finished and IT HAS BEEN AWESOME!! Not only did it help us earn over $200 for art supplies easily, but it has been the easiest way that I have seen to meet the standards for art criticism at the elementary level.  I always got so much out of my art critiques in college.  I remember at the end of a grading period, everyone putting their drawings or paintings on the critique wall.  As  a group we would analyze each piece and give suggestions/thoughts/ideas.  It was an awesome and exciting artistic experience.  I could never find a way to manage it with elementary students because of the schedule (short class periods and non existent transition time).  Having 5 or less minutes to find, hang 20 pieces of art and have it ready to discuss was just not manageable for me.  Artsonia organizes artwork into exhibits and then also allows each student to have their own gallery- so with a couple clicks I can have all the artwork displayed on the board and students can access it from their devices easily!   It also has been great for accountability and seeing which students are having difficulty finishing projects. 

So in the last week or so ALL students who bring their devices are logging onto Artsonia- entering a personal artist statement (what they like/learned)  then are supposed to TAG another student's artwork.  TAG means Tell what you like, ask a question or give a positive suggestion.  It has BEEN awesome to really see the students use such higher order thinking skills and expressing their thoughts verbally with their peers online.  So I made this video to show students how to log on- and I HIGHLY recommend using Artsonia for all art teachers!  It is the bEST!


  1. Love the idea of tagging other students! I was just having my kids look at the art and discuss with each other but I really like adding this written element that is shared with the family as well. Thanks for the tip!

  2. You're welcome! It's really great to see the kids expressing their opinions about their peer's art work in their own words. :) And as a parent- I would love getting those emails about my child's work.