Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Two Easy and FUN art lessons for the End of the year- last week of school!

I recently met with another art teacher after school to start planning our week of art lessons for a local summer camp that we will be teaching together. Before the end of the meeting we both looked at each other and said....."I really need some easy last week of school lessons that aren't too messy or can be finished in one class."
Two great lessons that I have had a lot of success with in the past came to mind! The first is called a FUNDRED dollar bill. More info can be found on their site http://www.fundred.org/

The project was originally designed to raise awareness about lead poisoning issues but I really just think that the kids have a blast designing their own money! Plus there has been a lot of speculation lately about the lack of women on the American bills- (maybe we can get a Hilary Clinton 2 dollar bill in 2016?!) ANyway- the site has a printable version of the Fundred that might be easier for younger students, but I allow my classses to use larger paper if they want. They do need a template to look at to make sure they are including all the details for their money (signature, symbols, etc)


The SECOND super fun and easy project was inspired by one of my FAVORITE places to eat: Tropical Smoothie! They designated June 19th as National Flip FLop Day! Patrons can go to their local Tropical Smoothie on that day and get a free smoothie!!!! They can also donate money to a great charity camp for kids with terminal or devastating illnesses called Camp Sunshine. So we celebrate this day early by designing our own flip flops using the Elements of Art! What an awesome way to review those important building blocks. They can also use an art style if they like. My students will be drawing their designs first on the iPad and then they can draw their favorite design on paper.

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