Wednesday, May 13, 2015

End of the Year- Art Portfolios

16 DAYS!???  How did that happen!  I was so preoccupied with our art show that I feel like I just got a chance to realize WE HAVE LESS THAN 2 WEEKS left!  Oh my!  I was thinking I would have time to wait until Artome sent our remaining art work back to school before we starting making our portfolios.  Well I would rather be safe than sorry and have students get a jump start  to make sure that everyone has time to find and take home their masterpieces. 

SO- I started planning how they were going to make their portfolios.  In the past, I had fifth grade make large poster board folders to decorate and put their artwork in, but during the FAEA conference, I saw how an art teacher, Tamala Cusamano?) had the students make a book.  So I decided a book type portfolio would be easier to store and display for them.  This was what the book looked like..

So this year we are going to try to make portfolio books instead of folders.  I was going to have second graders start today but I ended up having to get a sub since my four year old has had a high temperature for two days!  So I  made a flipped video for my sub and left a LOT of 12x18 white paper for the kids to start their portfolio book today.  Hope it goes well!  I will let you know!


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