Friday, May 1, 2015

Clay Roses- Just in Time for Mama's Day!

All 600+ pieces of art work for my school Artome show was due to be boxed and mailed through UPS on Tuesday, so I was frantically double checking and attempting to take pictures of and upload as much as I possibly could before 6:00 pm.

 In a fog of stress I realized that today was going to be be first grade ROW- which meant I would have all first grade classes in one day.  This is the best time for me to introduce or work on clay projects because I can get out all the clay supplies and leave them out until the end of the day and only semi-clean up after each group. 

So yesterday, after I made it home after just barely making it to the UPS store, I decided first grade would work on making their clay coil rose sculpture because SOME - or maybe all could be ready in time for MOTHER's DAY!!!

 So last night I made a flipped video on how to make the rose- but this time instead of me teaching- I let Artie- my art robot do the talking.  The kids loved it!  Especially when he taught them to roll roll roll their coil until it's nice and long (to the tune of row row row your boat)
So here is the video and a pic.....

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