Monday, May 11, 2015

Art Show Success!

I am finally feeling somewhat recovered and caught up with sleep after getting everything ready last week for our Night of the Arts on Thursday night.  I was trying to get as many students to record their artist statement with the iPad for the Night of the Arts Movie that we showed in the cafeteria during dinner.  I sure hope that the families that got to see it, enjoyed it as much as I did. Some of the statements are funny, insightful and just plain awesome.  I loved getting to hear what the students learned and what they like about art.  It really meant a lot to me to get to compile all those into one movie using Microsoft movie maker.  I burned some to DVD but I didn't have time to make a lot.  At first I thought it might be nice to give a copy to our art club students but as I said earlier- ran out of time (it take at least 20 min to burn one DVD).

The recycled fashion show was awesome as well.  No one got cold feet or fell on the runway!!  YAY.  I even had 3 former middle school students come and help with the announcing and participating in the show itself.  I was so proud of all our students and their contributions to making the night a success.

Before the Recycled Fashion show (6:30) some of our art club students got to serve as tour guides for the Cave of Art, which was set up behind the stage.  Our cave is lit with black lights and contained 2nd grade cave paintings, 3rd grade Egyptian Cartouches, 4th grade Egyptian Portraits, 1st Grade Roman mosaics and a few fifth grade Koi fish, all created during their art time using flourescent paint, oil pastel, marker or paper.  It looked awesome!!  Sadly, I had to take it down Friday afternoon because there were other performances scheduled for the stage but luckily Artie, my art robot and I got to take  a tour of the cave and recorded it to show you! :)

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