Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Egyptians, Van Gogh and Planets! Busy Week!

I had been procrastinating A LOT with our final project for the Florida  Alliance for the Arts, FAAE, ESE and art program.  It was due on March 27 ( I thought it was the 31st!) and I just could not narrow down what I wanted to focus on.  We learned SO many great technology related apps for teaching ESE and art students that I just couldn't decide.  Some of the programs I already knew about like Prezi and Glogster, but some of them were new to me and REALLY impressive.  The problem I often have with technology is that there are SOOOOOOOO many great programs and apps that it is hard to choose one to use with my classes!  I also wanted to create a lesson that I could really use right away with my classes. 

Our school's Night of the Arts Art show is scheduled for May 7th, and I have to have ALL the student artwork mounted and labeled- ready to be shipped to Artome, the company that we are using that will frame and set up the artwork by April 24th.  I really want to have each student have a digital artist statement for their artwork.  The app that I like best for that type of thing is Doceri or Educreations.  Both are whiteboard apps that will basically allow the student to take a picture of their artwork with the iPad and then use the microphone tool to record themselves discussing what they like best about their artwork.  Doceri has more features as far as drawing/etc but my students already have educreations- so I put together an educreations tutorial for them and I was going to use that for my final project but it wasn't really an art making lesson- more just art criticism. 
So I had done a cool Egyptian portrait with fourth graders when they used to have iPads- but now the 3-5 graders at my school have laptops so I have struggled to find an easy way for them to do digital art on the computer ( the touchpad on a laptop can be really FRUSTRATING to attempt drawing with).  

So I had learned about another app- called Classflow!  I used it with a third grade class to review the Elements of Art for their Art EOC- End of Course exam and it was great!  I also found out from them that classflow allows them to use their webcam to capture VOILA- I thought we could try the Egyptian Portrait!

So here is the lesson tutorial video.  It has a fun into that I recorded with Doink to make it look like I was in King Tut's tomb.  So hope you like the lesson- it helps to fulfill our standards about art across times and cultures.  If you like the video- subscribe to my channel and hit 'like'.

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