Saturday, April 25, 2015

Art Show Fun (stress) times

This time of the year is always a hectic one when the art show time approaches.  The first year our school opened I had the students find, choose and help mat frame their best piece of artwork-similar to what I do now.  But then I spent hours and hours - stapling or taping artwork in the hallways and cafeteria.  The second year, (after our former principal retired) we learned that we were actually not supposed to be stapling ANYTHING to the walls.  We ordered a few of those strips of cork board to staple work on to but not enough for 600 pieces of student work.  That's when another art teacher and friend in my county told me about the Artome company that she was working with to set up her art show.  She had rave reviews and since I had not come up with any alternative ways of displaying work, I decided to give it a try. 
I LOVE the company and basically the most difficult part of setting up the show is organizing all the 600 pieces of art work and adhering it to the Artome frames, which have to be labeled with the student name, teacher name, school name and grade.  Once the artwork is glued to the Artome paper frame and labeled, it has to be boxed up and shipped to Artome at least 3 weeks before the date of the show.  Our show is schedule on May 7th and we are calling it the Night of the Arts. 
A lot of the older students were able to glue their artwork or draw their artwork on the Artome paper and fill out their information but the younger students really needed help.
Luckily I had some wonderful moms and volunteers to help frame A TON of artwork. Even with all that help- I still ended up staying at school almost until 7:30pm on Friday night checking over the class lists and making sure each student had a piece of artwork. So it looks like I may need to go in tomorrow just to make sure everything is ready to go. 
On top of that, we are planning a recycled fashion show for any students interested in entering.  My after school art club will be helping set up the show and get everything ready.  We have done the recycled fashion show before and it was a lot of fun but all the fourth grade had made recycled costumes so we had several entries.  This year- I know for sure of 4 or 5 students. 
Well I am going to just not stress, have faith and have fun of course!  :)

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