Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ROW Day for Fourth Grade

Today we had ROW (Resource on Wednesday) in which one grade level gets ALL their resources classes for 50 minutes each.  This week the grade was fourth.  I never know if I should have completely separate projects for ROW or just continue what the classes have been working on.  I did the latter this week because I really wanted them to finish these projects.  Unfortunately they were at varying degrees of completion and some of the classes had to be split and join another class (a class and a half) in order to fit all the groups in.  So the two projects that they were working on were their Pirate Ship Seascape Collage and their Native American Coil Pots.  Some classes hadn't even started the Coil Pots so I made a 'flipped' video to ensure that they understood the process.
  So between clay and blue paint everywhere- IT WAS A HUGE MESS in my art room!  Some of the problem was that students were 'playing' with the clay as opposed to actually practicing the coil technique.

I have been reading/listening to Teach Like a Champion on Audible and
I really wanted to try some of the techniques like No Opt Out and Right is Right with regards to the vocabulary that they needed to know. I found a Mimio Vocabulary review template that worked pretty well.  I have to admit I LOVE my Mimio Smart Board but I just don't use it as much as I 'd like .  With our Art End of Course Exam coming up soon- I will be trying to review a lot of the elements and vocabulary with my students- so this Mimio lesson will come in handy.  There's always Kahoot- as well but sometimes classes do not bring their devices so I can always have the mimio back up.  :)  I also showed and reviewed the four stages of clay with the students so that not only will they understand the process and properties of earthenware clay but also know which stage their piece is in and what to do to finish it.

  All in all- today was a busy and productive day.  I ended up loading the kiln full of coil pots that were glazed greenware- along with some bisqueware.  I know a lot of people do two firings, but honestly I haven't had many things explode and I feel like it saves so much more time and energy.  Hopefully the lovely pieces all survive the firing!

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