Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"nǐ hǎo" Chinese New Year Dragons

Gung Hay Fat Choy!  February is a great time to study Chinese and Asian art because of Chinese New Year!  This is the year of the sheep and it fell on February 19th.  For several years, I have had a great lesson that I do with third grade about 'Cave Dragons'.  Most classes third grade classes have finished their Mola Collages so I introduced the dragon lesson with an emphasis on Chinese culture.  Cultural art appreciation is found in many of our state standards for art.
VA.3.H.1.1 Describe cultural similarities and differences in works of art.
VA.3.H.1.2 Describe the importance of displaying suitable behavior as part of an art audience.
VA.3.H.1.3 Identify and be respectful of ideas important to individuals, groups, or cultures that are reflected in their artworks.
VA.3.H.2.1 Compare differences or similarities in artworks across time and culture.
GSo of course I made a video and also shared with them a great online fable called, Draw Dragon Dot Eyes on Starfall.

Then I printed out some handouts that show basic steps to start their drawing.  In my video I drew my chinese dragon on black paper, traced it with glue, let it dry and then shaded it with chalk pastels.  Last year, I had students draw on white paper , trace with sharpie and paint them with watercolor paint.  So for this project I let them choose.  I think they are going to turn out great! 

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