Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lego Art! Thanks to Donor's Choose!

  I was thrilled to have one of my first Donor's Choose Projects get fully funded this week!  It is called Limitless Lego Learning and based on the students using Lego to create artwork and practice using the Elements of art in a completely different way.  The first year my school opened, we had a 'Lego Lab' that was on our resource rotation as one of the 'specials' classes.  The students absolutely loved it and I got the opportunity to see how Lego could be used for education.  I immediately began researching the applications to art and I was excited to see so many teachers, students and artists using Lego as an art medium. When our Lego Lab closed, I was hoping to be able to get the Lego to use in the art room but unfortunately, they were gone  before I had the chance!
The more I learned about Donor's Choose, the more I started thinking that it would give me just the opportunity to order the supplies I would need to do a whole class art lesson with Lego.  My project consisted of a class set of the building plates so that each student would have their own Lego 'canvas' on which to create.  The Lego sets and plates arrived on Friday and I have begun planning the lessons that we will be doing with them.  Here are some basic points that I am thinking:
- Lego projects will have to be assembled and disassembled during each class (so that other classes can use the Lego plate)
-Students can learn two dimensional art by creating Mosaics (Lego Portraits, Lego Mondrian, Lego Shapes) and 3 dimensional forms (sculptures of animals, buildings, or people)
- I would mostly likely take photos of the finished Lego art projects so that we can view them even after they are disassembled.
- Students k-2 with iPads can use the Lego Movie app to animate their Lego creations.

So I am really anxious to get started and am thinking that I will probably have my sub use some of these lessons at the end of the month when I attend FETC.

Here is my first art project using Lego and the Lego Movie Maker:

My next project:  Lego Mona Lisa!  I made this picture by using Gimp and the Mosaic Filter:
Wish me luck!

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