Saturday, January 17, 2015

Artsonia and Artist Statements

I have been SUPER busy trying to get all of my 600+ students enrolled into Artsonia.  I have used Artsonia for years now for lesson plans and ideas but I always thought it would be too difficult and time consuming to get ALL my students registered and then artwork uploaded.  Now that Artsonia has an iPad app- it's even easier!  I was able to get a spreadsheet of all the student's first and last names to send to Artsonia and then they generated accounts for each student.  Now i am in the process of entering in parent emails to allow permission for each student's artwork to be published.  They give you the option of printing a permission form but since we are a paperless school, I really would rather the permission be electronic but it is TAKING ME FOREVER!!!  Meanwhile- the work is paying off because I LOVE how easily I have been able to upload artwork.  For each class this week, I have started taking pictures of  their finished artwork and uploading it as the come.  The pictures do not take up storage space on my iPad (so it doesn't use all my space) and it is instantly organized into an exhibit!!  I plan on having students start adding their Artist Statements using their own iPads (k-2 iPads)  and laptops (3-5).  Here is a generic artist statement I edited that I plan on having the students use.   Do you use Artsonia?  Do you have any tips to make permissions easier?

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  1. Jamie well done with all your wonderful efforts. Is it possible for you to share your Artist statement?
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