Friday, January 30, 2015

Art Lesson....BUT FIRST LEMME TAKE A SELFIE!! Fifth Grade Self Portraits

This week our school celebrated Celebrate Literacy Week and our media specialist asked everyone to take 'Shelfies'.  So I took my shelfie in front of my art room 'book shelf'- which is actually a plastic gutter that we installed under my white board.

So the whole idea got me thinking about re-naming and starting my fifth grade self portrait lesson to "Selfies!- Self Portraits". I loved having a class set of mirrors at my other school but unfortunately I do not have them at my current school, So I had my students bring their laptops to art.  I introduced different art styles such as realism, pop art, impressionism. I wanted them to choose one art style to use as their inspiration.  I had them use a site called Be Funky- to take their picture with their webcam and then edit the photo using one of the filters.  THEY LOVED IT!! Here are some of the Be Funky portraits that they saved to their artsonia exhibit page when they were done editing it.  Next art class I will print off a black and white copy of their  photo and students will shade the back with pencil and lay it on top of another piece of paper to trace the contour lines.
I made this video to show students how they could use a grid to make a Chuck Close- style portrait by making a grid over top of their drawing.
I love self portraits!

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