Saturday, December 6, 2014

Snowmen! In Florida! Plus Balanced Bugs Art Lesson

For at least 4 years now, every December 1st I take green and red bulletin board paper and decorate my art room door like a present that reads: The Best Gift is Art.  This year, I was inspired to do something a little different.   I had so much fun at the Elf Workshop that I decided that instead of a door should be a.....SNOWMAN - Art snowman that is...
And you can bet I will be having early finishers make paper snowflakes to hang all around the room!
I also starting thinking about how much time I spend washing out paintbrushes and thought- a great 'gift' my students could give me would be to do a better job at cleaning up!  So I made this powtoon to go over the steps!

This is our first grade Balanced Bugs Lesson:

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