Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Playing around with Photo editing! Picmonkey and Pizap

Pizap Art Lesson cover
So I have been trying to find some fun online based photo editing applications/sites for the 3-5 students at my school who have laptops.  I really like Pizap and Picmonkey.  They are both/somewhat free but have adds for upgrading.  Here are two photos that I edited with the applications.  ALSO- have you tried the PANORAMIC setting on the new iPads?  I LOVE IT!! I didn't even realize the iPad camera did panoramics.....I kind of stumbled upon it the other day and I love it!
Panoramic View of my art room
Pizap Holiday Card

We had all our third grade classes in during ROW (Resource on Wednesday) today.  They started their first clay project, which is a Nature Leaf/Flower or Seashell Bowl or Ornament inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe.  Here is the video lesson and some pictures. :)

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