Monday, December 15, 2014

Invasion of the Art Robots!!!

Even though this is the last week before Winter Break, after the last art teacher PLC I went to, I got really excited to start the fifth graders working on their Art Robot/ Scribbling Machines!  So this morning, my first class was fifth grade.  I allowed the students who were finished with their Clay Slab Mug to start working on the design of their robot!  It went great!  There was only one student who got frustrated with the duct tape- which I totally understand!  I should be receiving the motors and the battery packs soon but parents and students sent most of the other essential supplies in.  Not only was I hoping we could have this project finished before Christmas Break (so they could take them home) but the fifth grade are currently studying energy and electrical circuits so I really wanted that info fresh in their mind.   Here is a prezi I put together with some background info and a video that I showed to the students.  And there are some pictures of the works in progress from today.  I was so proud of the student who made a "Dali' mustache robot!   LOL

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