Monday, December 1, 2014

December, Matisse, Clay Snowmen and more in Art! :)

Well welcome back all!!!   I had a wonderful (but always too short) Thanksgiving break.  On Saturday I got the opportunity to teach an 'Elf Workshop' at our local St. Augustine Amphitheater!  It was SO much fun.  It is  a free family fun event with lots of fun holiday things for our local kids to do.  I got to teach a craft and earn money for art supplies for our program.  My craft was AIR DRY CLAY snowmen!!!  It was A LOT of fun and we had some REALLY cute and creative snow men. (and several Olaf's!  )  Here are some pictures of them!

Henri- the Art Chrysalis
I was also able to find 3 milkweed plants for the overflow of monarch caterpillars we had in the art garden.  I was able to rescue one and take him home with me.  I have named him Henri in honor of Henri Matisse who is our artist of the month for December.  (His birthday is on December 31st)  Little Henri has formed his chrysallis and I have been eagerly observing him and awaiting his transformation.  In the mean time, the first graders are finishin up their Balanced Bugs art projects and it is great getting to show them a real life specimen in the midst of metamorphosis.

An Air Dry Olaf!

All the air dry snowmen !
Also- I have worked on an artist statement for students who have finished their artwork to fill out and keep in their journal.  It is geared more for 2nd grade and up.  I plan on starting using this tomorrow during our new rotation of students who have finished their current projects.
Artist Statement Google Doc

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