Monday, November 10, 2014

Manic Monday....explosions and messes.... and SYMBALOO

So I excitedly loaded the kiln on Friday after school with many kindergarten clay pendants..and my large scale 'fairy house' I made for our art garden.  Alas, I opened the kiln lid to see the horrific scene below:

So sad! I can only guess there must have been air trapped inside? I'm sure it was completely dried out. The next time I try such a large scale sculpture I'm going to fire it during the day so I can watch it closely and maybe turn it off half way through.  Bummer! I'm so sad! It looked so awesome! Oh well, back to the fairy house drawing board....:(.
Also- I worked ALOT on my school web page. I am trying to organize slideshows for each grade with projects completed so far.  But my wordpress data limit was maxed- and luckily I was able to get more space (500 mb) Not sure if it is enough but hopefully it is!!! My other options are weebly or google sites.    Here is my symbaloo I put on my links page.  TONS of resources!

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