Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Last day of Art Before Thanksgiving

Who is excited about a long Thanksgiving break?!  This art teacher!  Today was a great (kinda hectic) day in art.  Our normal schedule was revised for our school wide grandparent's day Lunch. But the classes were just as if not more exuberant and excited about art as they normally are.

There are so many cool projects that we are working on that my head is spinning!  I really tried to emphasis Native American Artwork:
this month/week with ALL my classes instead of doing simple 'turkey' related art/crafts because our art standards in Florida focus ALOT on comparing art from other cultures.  We read the Indian Paintbrush and The Arrow to the Sun.  We learned about and made weavings on a cardboard looms
(4th grade), kindergarteners finished their Navajo Sun Collages.
Today we watched the Brainpopjr video about Collage and also talked about how to make patterns and cut out geometric shapes.  Here is the 'flipped' lesson I made for this project.
Third grade worked on their Nature Drawings inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe.  There is also a BrainpopJr video about Georgia O'Keeffe that we watched I made this video to review the steps for this lesson on my iPad using iMovie.
 The second graders finished their clay 'Fish Dishes'.  This lesson can be found here.
and fifth graders are slowly but surely finishing their Clay Slab Mug. 
I made a makeshift Native American apron with a cool broken arrow (peace) symbol with brown fabric and burlap.
 We also had a parent donate a rocking chair to be painted by the art club and possibly auctioned off. 

And we ended up with about 100 monarch caterpillars on our milkweed plant in the art Garden. They completely devoured the entire plant leaving lots of baby caterpillars 'homeless' I was able to rescue two and will be going to Ace Hardware tomorrow to buy up all their milkweed.

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