Friday, November 7, 2014

5th Grade Clay Mug- Physical and Chemical Changes!!!

So this week, I had all the fifth grade for almost 50 minutes!  So despite many students still finishing their mask collages and paper mache I went out on a limb and jumped head first into the mess that is clay!!  Is it just me, or do you feel like your students NEVER finish ANYTHING!!?  Or worse- some finish EVERYTHING but too quickly and lacking craftsmanship, care or even an attempt at meeting the standard or goal?!! Ugh!!  Well- it is the process NOT the product, right?!   So anyhoo!  This Wednesday, all fifith grade classes launched KNEE DEEP in CLAY!!!!!!!!!!  (what a mess!)  So the clay slab mug project is one that I have been doing for SEVERAL years and I love it for fifth grade.  It is simple enough that most students should be capable of assembling it but it also allows for a lot of creative freedom and advanced techniques.   I REVAMPED the presentation of this lesson because I wanted to not only focus on their art standards but ALSO the stages of clay and their science standards which include physical and chemical changes.  What better way to reinforce this concept than through CLAY!!!  So here is the flipped lesson I put together for my kiddos.  I will also post some pictures of the learning scale and other info that I presented.  My goal is to have the mugs turn out even better than the year before!

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