Thursday, October 23, 2014

RED RIBBON Week Art Lesson ZENTANGLE Op Art with Emphasis

So today I will be going on my son's FIRST field trip to the corn maze and I am so excited!!!  But it also meant I was at school almost until 8 last night preparing, organizing and getting my sub plans ready!  UGH.  So next week is Red Ribbon Week, and our school counselor asked if students could do a project in art related to the theme LOVE YOURSELF, BE DRUG FREE.  Well- I am just focusing on the Loving yourself part.  But I found a GREAT project on Artsonia that could be adapted for ALL levels k-5 and then even combined to create a collaborative mural.  So I call this Zentangle Op Art Hear Designs with Emphasis.  Students will be using lines, patterns and color to create an abstract Zentangle or op art -like design on their paper.  The designs will be black and white and the shape(heart or other) they can trace somewhere on their paper and just color that shape to create emphasis.  It seems like such an easy way to reinforce the elements of art we have been studying so far and even introduce TWO principles of art- Pattern and Emphasis!!!!  So here is the video and I will have the lesson plan on TPT!!!!


  1. What did the finished mural with the big hands, look like when completed???

  2. Love the heart combo with pattern! Thanks for sharing

  3. How did you get so much color in the hands when there is only a small amount of color in each individual work?