Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quarter 1 Assessment: kahoot!!

Today was third grade ROW (Resource on Wednesday) and I will be entering report card grades soon.  Our resource grades are based on a M (mastery), P (progressing) and I (improvement needed).  I will be using data that I have compiled from Class Dojo and KAHOOT!  The Kahoot I made for third grade has 14 questions that are based on the elements and principles we have studied so far.  It went really well!
 Now I need to go and download the reports and see if there are any students that really struggled with the questions.  Even if they did not get all the answers correct, I feel that it served as a valuable review and even teaching tool for the students.  After the Kahoot- students worked on their PICASSO portraits either using their laptops or on paper.  They look awesome!  I am going to start hanging them in the hallway!

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