Sunday, October 19, 2014

ipad Update nightmare! Beware of Brushes app! It will crash if you update

So I updated my iPad to IOS 8 and lost ALL my paintings I did using the Brushes app (10+ drawings that I use in class for students)!  Not only that but when I tried to reload the app, it still did not work! Apparently this is a widespread issue that has left a lot of artists and teachers upset and frustrated. So my alternative is to now use sketchbook pro to record all my lessons and drawings. This app has more tools than the Brushes app ( it has flood fill ) but the time lapse record is not as visually smooth as the brushes recording tool because it zooms in instead of giving a whole screen view. It's not that big of a deal and I am relieved that I found an alternative because I used the brushes app for EVERY art lesson.  Now I am going to back up every drawing video so that I don't lose them! (Like I lost every brushes drawing!) 😊 This is my first drawing of the Line Pattern Snake that first graders will be doing next week.
This is just a fun drawing I did with Sketchbook Pro using a Brushes Tutorial.  I used the Chatterkid app and recorded my son Rudy's voice to narrate/animate it. :)

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