Thursday, October 23, 2014

RED RIBBON Week Art Lesson ZENTANGLE Op Art with Emphasis

So today I will be going on my son's FIRST field trip to the corn maze and I am so excited!!!  But it also meant I was at school almost until 8 last night preparing, organizing and getting my sub plans ready!  UGH.  So next week is Red Ribbon Week, and our school counselor asked if students could do a project in art related to the theme LOVE YOURSELF, BE DRUG FREE.  Well- I am just focusing on the Loving yourself part.  But I found a GREAT project on Artsonia that could be adapted for ALL levels k-5 and then even combined to create a collaborative mural.  So I call this Zentangle Op Art Hear Designs with Emphasis.  Students will be using lines, patterns and color to create an abstract Zentangle or op art -like design on their paper.  The designs will be black and white and the shape(heart or other) they can trace somewhere on their paper and just color that shape to create emphasis.  It seems like such an easy way to reinforce the elements of art we have been studying so far and even introduce TWO principles of art- Pattern and Emphasis!!!!  So here is the video and I will have the lesson plan on TPT!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quarter 1 Assessment: kahoot!!

Today was third grade ROW (Resource on Wednesday) and I will be entering report card grades soon.  Our resource grades are based on a M (mastery), P (progressing) and I (improvement needed).  I will be using data that I have compiled from Class Dojo and KAHOOT!  The Kahoot I made for third grade has 14 questions that are based on the elements and principles we have studied so far.  It went really well!
 Now I need to go and download the reports and see if there are any students that really struggled with the questions.  Even if they did not get all the answers correct, I feel that it served as a valuable review and even teaching tool for the students.  After the Kahoot- students worked on their PICASSO portraits either using their laptops or on paper.  They look awesome!  I am going to start hanging them in the hallway!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

ipad Update nightmare! Beware of Brushes app! It will crash if you update

So I updated my iPad to IOS 8 and lost ALL my paintings I did using the Brushes app (10+ drawings that I use in class for students)!  Not only that but when I tried to reload the app, it still did not work! Apparently this is a widespread issue that has left a lot of artists and teachers upset and frustrated. So my alternative is to now use sketchbook pro to record all my lessons and drawings. This app has more tools than the Brushes app ( it has flood fill ) but the time lapse record is not as visually smooth as the brushes recording tool because it zooms in instead of giving a whole screen view. It's not that big of a deal and I am relieved that I found an alternative because I used the brushes app for EVERY art lesson.  Now I am going to back up every drawing video so that I don't lose them! (Like I lost every brushes drawing!) 😊 This is my first drawing of the Line Pattern Snake that first graders will be doing next week.
This is just a fun drawing I did with Sketchbook Pro using a Brushes Tutorial.  I used the Chatterkid app and recorded my son Rudy's voice to narrate/animate it. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Chatterkid App - Students Can Animate Their Artwork!

So - most of my second graders have finished their fish family Art to Remember projects, so I requested that they bring their iPads to art so they could take pictures of their artwork and then tell what they like best about them on our Art Room Edmodo group.  Well, one of my students (who was supposed to be taking a picture of their artwork) had turned on an app called Chatterkid.  He was recording his voice over a picture.  So I thought- Why not record themselves talking as their 'Fish Family'!!!  So the whole class took a picture of the artwork and then uploaded it to Chatterpix- then they could record their voice as the fish!  It was so cool!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

elements of art SONG!!!

How on earth am I going to get these kids to learn the
elements of art!!???  It's as easy and
fun as a song and dance!!!  YEAH!  Just finished making this with POWTOON!  Love love love it!  And I plan on putting it on Edmodo and having my kiddos sing it EVERY ART class!  There are also hand movements with each element.  (Space- hands in the air- Shape- hands form triangle Texture- pretending to be touching things /wiggle fingers  Value spread hands apart  Form- make a wavy form with hands  Line- make a straight horizontal line. Color- touch hair. )

Friday, October 3, 2014

FAEA Art Conference 2014

My art robot Imade at the FAEA Art Teacher conference this morning using simplae electrical circuits! It really draws!  #steam