Friday, September 26, 2014

TGIF!!!!! And early finishers!

Happy Friday!!!!  So I am on my 'C' day (third day in our resource rotation) and I am finding that a lot of students (BUT NOT ALL) are finishing up their Art to Remember Projects and they are bringing them to me what that dreaded query, "I'm finished!  NOW WHAT DO I DO?"  Well most of them are conveniently finishing just near clean up time, so my response is "Start cleaning up!"  But NEXT art class, they will be finished while I want others to keep working.  SO- then comes the dilemma of "Do I introduce a new project with elements of art and directions OR find something for the early finishers to do?
SO- I am thinking about having the students reflect on their work.  The basic template for 'done-ness' that I use is actually a Pinterest find I believe was originally from an AMAZINGLY talented art teacher from this blog   She is SUCH a great teacher and blogger!   I love her work and I hope she doesn't mind that I borrowed her checklist!

SO- basically I took the checklist and added some other information that I wanted the students to identify and comment on in their work.  I am also making learning scales with rows for student names so I can keep track of their progress or 'scores' as they finish.   So here is the check list that I am having them fill out and tape to the back of their work next art class.  Then I am going to let them doodle or draw in their sketchbook- OR maybe have them bring their iPads or laptops so they can go online to my art page links.

Here are some of the scales I have made for the fifth, fourth and third grade projects.Fourth Grade Tropical Landscape Scale
Fifth Grade Close-Up Flower
Third grade Winter Landscape Scale

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