Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I so wish I had a tripod with a video camera set up in my art room today!!!  I had EVERY fifth grade class today and I had TWO goals
1.  For students to finish or at least make a good deal of progress on their  Art to Remember (fundraiser) project called Close Up Flowers.
2. To assess their understanding of the Elements we have covered in art so far this year.

I think I knocked those goals OUT OF THE PARK today thanks to technology and KAHOOT!!!  As I have mentioned in previous posts, our school is the first 1 to 1 digital school in the county (or even Northeast Florida).  That means ALL my students have access to devices (lap tops for 3-5 and iPads for k-2)  Today was the first day that I requested that the classes bring their laptops to art.  I prepared a plastic bin for each class to store their laptops when they weren't using them.

Here is how our lesson went:

Classes walked to assigned seats with their laptops.
I went over our goals- to review our the Elements and work on our Art to Remember.
I showed them that we will also be using Edmodo and the resources I have put on my school web page.

THEN I told them we were using Kahoot, fun game based assessment to study the elements.  Most of them had played Kahoot before and they SUPER EXCITED!!

So I began projecting the Kahoot on the screen with my laptop to give them the log in number.

Kahoots are so simple to make - I made the one we used last night in about 30 minutes.  It only had 11 questions and the kids were so excited they were literally jumping out of their seats!!!

I also got to see the data instantly to get an idea of which elements they really knew and which we would have to review more.
All in all, it was such a fun and exciting way to assess their understanding and get them excited about their art.

I strongly recommend Kahoot as a fun, game based way to assess student learning!

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