Saturday, August 23, 2014

I survived my first week back at school!!!  My first class is just an orientation/procedures/rules/etc but so far, the classes have been awesome!!  I still have two days of orientation and then we can really get down to the art making fun!!!
Some things that have worked well:

1. The small Potatoes video!!!! The younger kids really loved it and I almost have the whole song memorized!   It really is a neat way to address our essential question, What is Art?!

2. The new transition strategy, SLANT from Teach Like a Champion is working GREAT!  Now I just need to be consistent with it and practice/reinforce it because I am sure it will save a lot a wasted instructional time.

3. The videos I made for each art lesson really were effective.  I could play the video while passing out supplies, monitoring students, etc.

How was your first week!??  Hopefully fan-tastic!

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