Monday, August 25, 2014

Art Class Dojo!

Class Dojo is working out awesome! I have been using it on my computer and iPad to take attendance, track great student behavior and give lots of reinforcement!  The site is free, easy to use and it saves all the data and gives you easy to read reports!!!  I love it!!!!    I definitely recommend it! At first I was worried that I might have to enter all 670 student names, but luckily the names can be uploaded easily or you can connect with other teachers in your school to make the input easier.  For instance, the media specialist entered the k-2 students, and I entered in the 3-5 so we can easily share students and create classes!!  And the kids LOVE IT!!  The program generates a cute little 'monster' avatar for each child, and I tell the kids they can choose their avatar after they earn 5 positive points!!! LOVE IT!!!

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